Sunday, October 23, 2011

Passing Arrays to Shader

Finally, I have decided to do photon scattering on the CPU side.

Therefore I would need to figure out how to pass an array of photons to the shader after they have been scattered. Today I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how do pass arrays to the shader.

Since you cannot pass arrays as uniforms into the shader itself, I would need to construct a texture out of photon data and sample it for values. I'm not sure that I could construct a texture and pass it to the shader in Three.js, so I rebuilt my existing Three.js renderer in just pure WebGL, since I know I can construct a texture in OpenGL.

After 4 hours, I figured things out and completed a version of my renderer on WebGL. However, at that point, I also found out that you can pass arrays to the shader in Three.js very easily, just like passing any other types of data.

So it looks like I just wasted 4 hours that I could've spent on the actual photon scattering.

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