Sunday, March 27, 2011

Am I missing something?

Here is using window of radius 3, sprinkling them apart, and copying the whole window over from source texture, blending the overlap areas.

The optimization runs a lot faster, but I don't think there is an increase in results. I think I am missing something here. I ran some tests with many iterations, and the results just kept looking like noise. I also have box/grid marks that are not blending correctly when trying this method of copying the whole window over.

It's late. I'm calling it a night.


Joe provided me with pseudo code and that was much more helpful than reading through other people's code. I actually have something now!

This is optimization with 10 iterations. Apparently mine runs really slow compared to the sample code. I am also checking every pixel for nearest neighbor, which I don't think is what I should be doing. According to the Kwatra paper, I believe they sprinkle the nearest neighbors. I will try that next.

It feels good to have some progress after so much time just reading and trying to figure out someone else's code!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Levoy Texture Synthesis

Still picking apart the sample Levoy code. Still figuring out what happens in the converging step.

In the meantime, found this: