Monday, October 24, 2011

More Frustration...

Three.js has many useful built-in classes. It even has a Ray class and a Scene class complete with objects, meshes, and intersection code.

Today I was trying to use the built in intersection functionality for photon scattering. Turns out, I spent +5 hours (and counting) trying to figure it out. It should be very simple but for some reason I am not getting any intersections.

I've been posting questions on github asking for help. Here's what's going on:


  1. I would probably be done with photon scattering by now if I had decided to implement my own intersection tests.

  2. After all this, it looks like I will be writing my own intersection code anyway. Three.js uses vertex (mesh) based geometries, not mathematically defined shapes (procedurally generated.) This will be slower and results will be different.

  3. Wow. It turns out I discovered a bug in Three.js. I was hitting an edge case bug with their intersection code.

  4. Good to know it was bug and not you. And I didn't know git had a user exchange platform like stack overflow. That's pretty neat.