Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sidetracked: Ray Tracer

This week I sidetracked, and I spent most of yesterday and today trying to get a decent ray tracer running on my current framework. I was successful and was able to add refraction with a decent ray tracing depth. Everything in the ray tracing loop had to be hard-coded since recursion is not supported; this is why it took me so long to figure things out.

I'm also running into problems where my renderer wouldn't run in Chrome. I think I'm hitting some kind of memory cap, because when I tried to increase the objects in my scene, it stopped working in Chrome, only the empty room with nothing in it shows up. It still works in Firefox fine. This also has been happening inconsistently. My live example works for me in Chrome, but shows no objects on several other machines.

The live example can be found at And here is a screen shot:

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