Friday, November 25, 2011

Different Photon Casting

Experimenting with a different photon tracing technique, proposed by

This technique is for fast visualization, using the photon map for both direct and indirect illumination. The photon power calculation is a little different that the conventional method. Instead of directly storing the power of the incoming photon, it does calculations to "absorb" some RGB values then stores it. So a blue wall would have blue photons stored on it, as opposed to white as usual. This allows for diffuse reflection (as usual) as well as direct illumination. (There is no Russian Roulette technique involved with this method.)

Here's just the photon map visualization with 1500 photons:

Here's a rough rendered result with 60 total photons:

The funny/cool thing is, you can kinda see the scene if you blur the photon viz above:

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