Saturday, April 21, 2012

Distortion Issue

The distortion issue becomes worse when trying to render increasingly complicated objects.

Just as a test, I ported another shape form the.savage's renderer, the Julia quaternion fractal. It was able to run at ok performance at few iterations of the fractal. However, the distortion problem becomes  lot worse and the shape is barely viewable.

5 iterations

10 iterations. Shape barely recognizable.

At this point, I would like to shift the focus from the actual modeling of fractals back to the rendering. I have been trying to read up on fractals but the math is making it a very difficult and a slow process, and right now I still don't have a good understanding.

Since now I don't have too much time left, I'd rather focus on the renderer and its performance, especially since I have just discovered there's much performance yet to be squeezed out (see last post.) I also have a few more effects that I would like to implement, such as glow, reflection, real soft shadows, and focal blur.

I feel that going in this direction is much more relevant to this class than trying to construct fractals. Going forward, instead of trying to generate my own fractals, I would port existing fractal code from various resources as test target renders.

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