Friday, December 2, 2011

Beta Review and Future Plan

Today I had my Beta Review with Joe and Norm, and I'd say it went pretty well. Norm was generally satisfied with the results, mainly because I am able to produce a decent image at real-time with relatively very few photons, despite that various corners that has been cut and many "cheats" that I did on my side of things.

There were a few good points that came out of the conversation:
  • Gaussian filtering might produce better results when doing photon gathering.
  • Caching photons per surface will produce sharper corners, eliminate unintended bleeding, and speed up photon search.
  • I should look into an acceleration structure now that I have random access using textures.
  • I should talk to Joe about how to optimize branches on GLSL.
  • I should look into Arvo's paper on caching rays on 5D space (???)
With the conversation I had this morning, and this list of features, I feel that I am in a pretty good shape to move forward and finish up a few things that I have left. Here is a list of tasks for me from now to the end of the semester

  • Gaussian fall-off
  • Complete global illumination with mirror and transparent materials
  • Per surface photon caching (at least investigate)
  • Some kind of acceleration structure (at least investigate)
  • Interactive user interface, allows user to modify scene
With the above list of tasks, I have organized them into the remaining timeline as follow:

Dec 4 - 10
  • Gaussian fall-off for photon gathering
  • Photon caching per surface
Dec 11 - 17
  • Acceleration structure
  • Reflection and refraction
  • User interactivity
Dec 13 - 21
  • Final user interface work
  • Movie presentation

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