Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rendering Diagram

This week I read up on rendering with photon mapping in greater detail and was able to come up with a diagram to help understand the process. However, I left out Final Gathering, which is another method to obtain radiance from the photon map. Final Gather is a very costly process but produces more accurate results. Since I'm implementing this on WebGL and aiming for a decent level of performance, I have decided to leave it out for now and make it an optional component.

Next week, I will work on setting up initial WebGL framework, look for usable libraries, and write basic classes. There are still a lot of unknowns in the area that I will need to look into.

Anyway, here's my pretty diagram of the rendering process. Optimizations are highlighted in a brighter blue.


  1. Yes, this will be cool! Since WebGL uses the graphic card, will you be able to do anything threading to optimize the entire process?

  2. Whoa, that is really great.
    There are some sample that is already out, but no platform so far.
    Was looking forward to this.
    Have you seen evan wallace's webGL water?

  3. This is a good post outlining what you want.

    I would really start working on your framework, and start deciding on your libraries, testing browser, host, etc... all the minor particulars that are important to start your project.

    Also Patrick Cozzi is going to talk about his webgl library in my CIS565 class Monday... come out and check it out!